Brother Printer Not Printing

Steps to be Followed to Print a Print Quality Check Sheet:

  1. In case you are suffering print quality issues & wish to see if the cleanings are refining the print quality.
  2. Print a Print Quality Check Sheet after first dusting.
  3. Then print another PQCS after reiterating print head cleaning steps at least three (3) more times.
  4. You can then associate two Print Quality Check Sheets.
  5. If Brother machine has INK key on its control panel, hit the INK key.

 If not:

  1. Press MENU key.
  2. Push up or down arrow key to select Ink.
  3. Hit OK key.
  4. Push UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select Test Print.
  5. Push the OK key.
  6. Click UP OR Does the COLOR START key.
  7. Press Test Print.
  8. Hit Print Quality.
  9. Push COLOR START key
  10. WN ARROW key to choose Print Quality.
  11. Push the OK key.
  12. What are Reasons Answerable for Brother Printer Not Printing?

There can be a number of explanations, which can cause the issues Brother printer does not print. This generally includes problems like outdated printer drivers, worn outs, interior jams, or insufficient toner levels.

How can You Fix Issue of Brother Printer Not Printing from PC?

Check the Power Source of Your Printer

  1. At the point when there is adequate battery in the printer, the LED lights are turned on.
  2. On the off chance that the power button LED light is relentless, then that implies the printer is on and there is no issue in printing.
  3. On the off chance that the error lights are squinting or are on, then that implies there is an error in your printer. Presently, cautiously see the button or symbol that is showing the error. Brother printer not printing from PC error can happen as a result of toner or paper.

If no lights are turning on disregarding being connected to the power source, then in such a case you should check if there is any issue with your electrical plug. Take a stab at disconnecting the power cord and after that reconnecting it. For the most part, printer errors get settled by reconnecting the power wire.

Check if Your Printer is Properly Connected to the PC or Not?

  1. If you don’t mind check that there is an appropriate association between your PC and printer. Reconnect the wire if required.
  2. Presently to dispose of the issue of Brother printer not printing from PC, check if the association has been established or not. Presently, go to the printers and gadgets alternative and after that select your Brother printer model.
  3. From that point forward, investigate the status, is it a default printer? In the event that it’s anything but a default one, then make it your fundamental printer gadget.
  4. If you don’t mind guarantee that the switch and the passage are shared by your printer and PC framework. Go to the settings of passage and oversee them. Likewise, check if the ethernet link is properly connected.
  5. Check if the printer status is not set as default, disconnected, or delayed.

Check whether the Driver is Updated or Not?

  1. Various printer errors can be caused if your printer driver is obsolete or old.
  2. Go to the Brother support site or utilize the utility driver that is as of now downloaded so as to refresh your printer.

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