Install Brother Printer

Quick Guide to Install Brother Printer

Find here comprehensive help for Brother wireless printer setup without using the CD-ROM. The customer service & support numbers are also made available here. Thus, go through the correct way to install brother printer at your home or office.

Brother is a renowned company that is known for providing outstanding quality products for both home & office. Some of its popular products include printers, scanners, & sewing machines. The company has more than 100 years of history & has won several awards & recognitions including design award & PCMag award. If you have also just purchased a printer from the company, we can assist you with the Brother Wireless Printer Setup. Before you start install Brother Printer, it is significant that you know all the wireless network settings of your router or WLAN access point.

How to Install Brother Printer?

Before starting, it is significant to remember that the Brother printer supports only the first WEP key. So in case your router uses numerous WEP keys, you must type the key only for the first WEP key. So here we go to checked how to install brother printer wireless on your computer.

  1. Turn on the brother printer by connecting the AC power cord to it & then linking it to an electric socket.
  2. Push the ‘Menu’ key & using the up & down arrow keys, chose the option ‘Network’ & then push ‘OK’.
  3. Likewise using the up & down arrow, choose the option ‘Setup Wizard’ & then press ‘OK’.
  4. The option ‘WLAN Enable?’ will seem on the screen. Allowing this will initiate the wireless setup wizard.
  5. The brother machine will now such for the obtainable networks & will display a list of SSIDs that are available. Using the up & down arrow keys, select the suitable SSID & then press ‘OK’.
  6. You will have to select one of the following steps according to your verification method:
  7. In case the authentication & encryption method used by you needs a network key, you require entering your network key. Now arrive the WEP key & press ‘OK’. If you wish to apply these settings choose ‘Yes’ & if you wish to cancel the settings, choose ‘No’.
  8. In case you do not have an encryption mode & you use an open system authentication method, you can move to the next step.
  9. ‘WPS is available’ will seem on the screen if your WLAN router or access point ropes WPS. Now push the ‘UP’ key to connect the machine using the automatic wireless mode. When ‘Press WPS on rtr’ will seem on the screen, you must press the WPS key on your router. Now press ‘UP’ arrow key twice.
  10. Now the printer will try to connect to the wireless device that has been selected.

You will see ‘Connected’ on the printer’s LCD exhibition in case your wireless device is linked successfully. It will also print the wireless status report of your machine. Now the brother printer setup is done, & you are well aware of how to install brother printer.

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